Privacy Policy


Each user assumes responsibility for publishing/transmitting and use of information.

We ensure secure storage of the Client’s, Model’s and Agent’s access data in our system. The Client, the Model and the Agent are obliged to store their passwords in a secure way as well as to make sure that their passwords are not easy to guess. A password shall not be disclosed to third parties as well as shall not be accessible by other persons.

Please pay special attention to the fact that each registered Client has the right to remain anonymous as well as he/she may choose whether to stay invisible while communicating with the Model or show him/herself using a webcam.

All sensitive information (information allowing identifying a person) shall be gathered only for the purposes of concluding the Agreement and making payments. It shall be stored only with the purpose to maintain accounting as well as to prevent potential violations of regulatory enactments.

We undertake not to transfer to anyone information about you without your consent except for the cases provided for in the regulatory enactments when it is requested by the respective state body to conduct an investigation.

Visitors are obliged to furnish only true information.

Information specified in the Models’ forms shall be available to all Visitors.

Please be advised that once information has been published it may be available on another website since after publication someone may unlawfully or accidentally copy and save it on his/her computer. We cannot ensure that the openly published/transmitted information is not disseminated; therefore, we shall not be responsible for that.

If you have found out that someone is violating the Terms of Use or the requirements of regulatory enactments, please email us at